Part of wellness involves mental and physical health, of course. And workweeks in Beijing can be very stressful. So it’s very important to take a weekend break! Fortunately, while Beijing itself is flat, within a 1-3 hour radius are a wide variety of mountain ranges, desert, grasslands, lakes and the Bohai Sea. Many are very reasonable daytrips; others may be better with an overnight stay. One great resource is the Beijing Excursion Guide book, available at most expat stores. And don’t be afraid to get your Chinese driver’s license and drive yourself!

Click here for my favorite relaxing drives in Beijing

Within 1-2 Hours Drive:
Yunju Temple & Shidu
Jiufeng National Forest

Within 2-4 Hours Drive:
Baicaopan Mountain & Meadow
Beidaihe & Qinhuangdao

Within 2-3 Hours Flight:

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A family doctor's wellness guide for China