Chest Compressions And Cancerous Chemicals: Podcast

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I love Weibo. China’s microblog world is currently the most astonishingly interesting snapshot of Chinese society. Last week one video making the rounds involved a young, well dressed woman apparently giving CPR to a “beggar” on the street. Most comments were quite cynical, doubting that a woman would help a beggar, but it also brought up a healthy larger debate about CPR (cardiopulmonary recusitation), which I discussed in this week’s podcast on EZFM’s Beijing Hour, which you can listen to by clicking on the links above. One essential take-home message for CPR is thatchest compressions, and not the mouth-to-mouth rescue breaths, are essential. This new guideline should make it a lot easier and less scary for people to help others in need. Here’s a quick 3-minute video showing how to perform CPR. If you cannot see the video below, please click here.


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