Can Green Tea Keep Your Brain Healthier?

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green tea healthI’ve always been a fan of green tea, from its subtle aroma to its alleged multiple health benefits. On this week’s podcast from EZFM’s Beijing Hour, Paul James and I discuss a China Daily article which reviews a fascinating new study which showed that green tea reduced disability in a large group of elderly Japanese. We also discuss a China Daily article mentioning last week’s reminder from the WHO on World Cancer Day (Feb 4th) that 30% cancers are due to lifestyle risks.

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One thought on “Can Green Tea Keep Your Brain Healthier?”

  1. EGCG Green Tea Extract has some specific benefits for people with Down Syndrome, so we use it with our daughter (GABA antagonist and blocks the same GABA receptor -recombinant alpha1beta2gamma2L GABA(A) receptor- as
    Bilobalide. It also according to one study at Pubmed, normalizes impaired long term potentiation to normal values in Ts65Dn Down Syndrome mouse model. P.S. people with Down syndrome usually show Alzheimer’s like changes in the brain in teen years, and dementia in 20’s and above…we hope to prevent this and alter her life’s course.)

    Just wanted to share the Non DS info I have saved about EGCG

    1) Preventative against Parkinsons’s and Alzheimer’s brain changes. From an article about the study: “ECGC binds directly to unfolded proteins at a very early stage and thus prevents their conversion into toxic aggregates [Amyloid Plaque]. Instead non-toxic, unstructured round aggregates of a new type are formed, presumably by an alternative folding cascade.” and

    2) Treatment potential for Alzheimer’s, Huntington’s, and Parkinson’s when combined with another drug

    3) FISH OIL enhances the anti amyloid effects of EGCG in mice

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