Beijingers Are Not Happy; & Are Cell Phone Towers Dangerous?

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beijing happiness index
On the January 18th broadcast of EZFM’s Beijing Hour morning radio show, host Paul James and I discussed the sad news about Beijing’s annual Happiness Index, which has been declining for 4 years in a row. We also talk a bit about a Fengtai neighborhood concerned about “radiation” from a new cell phone tower.

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You can always listen live to my radio interview each Wednesday around 7:35am Beijing time, on the Beijing Hour program on EZFM 91.5, which is broadcast from 7-8am every weekday by host Paul James. EZFM is the popular bilingual radio station on the China Radio International network, broadcasting here in Beijing and on multiple stations all over the world, as well as live online here.

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3 thoughts on “Beijingers Are Not Happy; & Are Cell Phone Towers Dangerous?”

  1. Happiness is not just a determinant of health, it is also a result of health, or lack of it.

    Chronic systemic yeast, nutritional deficiencies, food allergies, malabsorption, environmental indoor chemicals and the health effects of mold- all are probably much more common than we usually think

    We have a mold issue in our home, and I’ve minimized it for a long time- but finally realizing it is probably the single cause of much havoc and illness in our lives and it’s time to take action and deal with it!

    p.s. about the other issue of EMF’s

    I have an EMF meter and I also have a book listed here that is very good. It is somewhat old (does not discuss WiFi for instance) but is very interesting otherwise and I would be glad to loan both items to you.

    When using the TriField Meter, you might be surprised at some readings around your home, when the cell phone rings, when the Wi-Fi transmits, when the wireless phone connects, etc.

    These waves are all around us all the time, and biological effects have been documented from all of them. The studies which claim safety look at large populations, not in vivo or in vitro demonstrated effects. Do we really need sick and dying people to call something unsafe? Not with some things- for example chemicals when shown to be toxic, harmful, disrupt biological systems in the lab, are outright banned on this criteria when EMF and other electrical waves are held to different standards.

    There are some studies, with some health effects shown, at 2 milligauss exposure (and at least one very disturbing study discussed in the book showing severe effects from very low levels of ELF waves if memory serves). It is easy to get continuous readings of 20 or more milligauss, and pulses up to 100 (the limit of the meter). There is an extra sensitive setting to use from the 1-3 milligauss range too. There are settings for Radio/Microwave, Magnetic and Electric.

  2. Of course we should be cautious until we know more. Cellphone use has exploded far more faster and intense than our knowledge on their long term consequences to our health. Outdoor or indoor, day or night, at home, at work, pretty much anywhere we go – EMF pollution is everywhere around us. And it’s getting worse. Until cellphone regulation grows stronger, and I believe it eventually will, and until EMF pollution awareness grows big enough to influence official public opinion – we should really be extra careful in how much we use EMF radiation producing products (cellphones, laptops, wireless internet etc), practice steps to increase radiation exposure and use some kind of EMF radiation protection device (i.e. )

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