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Antibiotic Washes Are A Waste, & Good Vs Bad Meats: This Week's Podcast

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On this week’s discussion on CRI’s EZFM 91.5 Beijing Hour, Paul and I talked about two hot topics. Number one was a Global Times article which mentions concerns about toothpaste in China. Apparently, an “industry insider” disclosed that most Chinese toothpaste companies are adding the common antibacterial chemical, triclosan, into their toothpaste — but not listing it on their list of active ingredients. This chemical is actually approved by the FDA, including in America, for use in toothpaste to fight gingivitis.  But the larger issue regards some FDA concerns that triclosan could be affecting our hormones, and this issue was reviewed recently in the New York Times. There’s also an even larger issue; these antibiotic handwashes are no better than simple soap and water, and could breed antibiotic resistance worldwide. There’s certainly no major doctor’s group or WHO which endorses these; so why then are these so popular? Listen to find out.

Our second issue discussed a Shanghai Daily article discussing the increasing numbers of vegans in China, partially as a response to the increasing heart disease in China. Paul and I discuss the benefits of going vegan, but we also discuss how us meat-lovers (including myself) can choose good over bad meats. Bon appetit!

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One thought on “Antibiotic Washes Are A Waste, & Good Vs Bad Meats: This Week's Podcast”

  1. Triclosan also reacts with trace amounts of chlorine in the water supply to form CHLOROFORM, a toxic chemical and probable carcinogen. In the presence of sunlight, it is possible for dioxins to be produced as well.

    Triclosan is in the stuff you shower with before swimming, in your toothpaste most probably, and most soaps and hand washes these days, unless you buy natural products.

    google Triclosan Chlorine Chloroform to learn much more.

    Moderator, Beijing Organic Consumers Yahoo Group

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