Now A Toddler: MyHealthBeijing Is Two Years Old

So my little baby is now a toddler; as of this week, MyHealth Beijing is two years old. Looking back on this surprisingly fast time, I’m really pleased with the response I’ve gotten from many in the community, and I’m deeply thankful to all of you for your support. The number of visitors have been steadily climbing this year:

  • 54,857 Visits (up 229% from last year) from 174 countries
  • 185,064 Page views (up 266%)

As you can see from these graphs below, a surprising amount of readers are not from China. In fact, the top country is not China, but the US. Here’s a visual map (darker green = more visitors): Stats 2011


As for the readers in China, they are mostly in Beijing — but an incredible 172 cities visited the site. Here’s a visual map of visitors (bigger circles = more visits): Stats China

Most Popular Articles of Year Two

Major blog themes this year continue to revolve around public health issues, especially air pollution and food safety. But the most popular pieces — by far — were my articles about radiation. During those initial, uncertain days everyone was looking for credible online information, so I kept people updated with the facts of radiation as well as issues around salt and potassium supplements. So here is a list of the top most popular:

The Next Year?

My goals for the next 12 months really are focused more on broadening this blog’s information to a much wider audience — all of China. I would love to translate these 400+ articles into Chinese, and my Weibo site has really started to take off in the Chinese community.

What about my long-term fans; what would you like to read more about this year? Please leave comments below? And thanks again for all your support!

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