May 242012


I’ve had a great time writing over 500 posts on this blog, but now I’m spending a lot more of my social media time sharing health advice via my medical microblog on Sina Weibo. So if you really want to keep up with my China-specific health advice, please follow me there. I update my Weibo (still in English language) much more frequently than I do on this blog. You can find me there at; my screen name is 圣西睿智全科医生. I also have resurrected my Facebook page which you’re welcome to visit.

In case you don’t know, Sina Weibo is China’s version of Twitter — only much, much better, in my opinion. It’s a cross between Facebook and Twitter and it’s used by over 300 million Chinese. It’s the social media place to be — but the interface is in Chinese. Here are instructions for accessing the site without knowing Chinese; you can also download the free apps Weibo or Weico for smartphones and change the language to English.

Welcome to Weibo! By the way, I definitely will be keeping this blog going; it continues to grow in popularity and now attracts visitors from over 100 countries each month. Weibo

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  1. good to know you still update this blog,though I already follow  u in weibo 

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