500 Posts! Here Are The All Time Most Popular

I reached a milestone last month with this blog — I’ve written 500 posts over these wonderful three years.  Here’s a list of the top fifty of all time: my March 2011 Japan radiation posts top the list due to the worldwide attention, but otherwise the list is dominated by air pollution and food safety articles. Let’s roll with the countdown:

Radiation Plume Is Moving East, Over the Pacific, Not Towards China
Finally, an Official Forecast for Japanese Radiation Plume’s Path
Air Pollution: How Bad Is It, Really?
Hey Laowai: Now You Can Use Weibo In English. Here’s How.
Pregnancy and Gastroenteritis: What To Do?
An American Doctor In China: What’s Different?
Pollution Masks: Which Are Best? Consider Totobobo
Alen Air Purifiers Battle IQAir and Blueair
Blueair vs. IQAir Purifiers: And The Winner Is…
Air Pollution Masks: Buy Them Now! Here’s Where, And Why
Using the Beijing Air Quality Index (AQI) Part I
How Good are N95 Masks For Pollution?
Plants Can Improve Indoor Air
A Day In Beijing Is Like Smoking Only One Sixth Of A Cigarette? It’s Almost…Disappointing!
Air Pollution: What About Indoor Air?
How Good are N95 Masks For Pollution?
Congee, Rice & Noodles: Which Are Healthiest?
Beijing+Winter = Dry Skin. Are You Ready?
Air Pollution: Beijing vs. Shanghai
What’s Your Favorite Chinese Medicine? Here’s My List
Respro Vs. Totobobo: Which Mask Works Better For Air Pollution?
Top Ten Wellness Tips For Beijing Newbies
Finally, an Official Forecast for Japanese Radiation Plume Path
Air Pollution in China: New Slideshow
Plants Can Improve Indoor Air
Top Things Your Ayi Should Know
Official School Air Pollution Action Plan: You’re Not Going To Like It
My Air Quality Journal: 太可怕!
No, Table Salt is Not A Good Substitute for Potassium Iodide
Indoor Plants: Natural Air Purifiers
Hey Docs, Want To Work in China? Here’s How.
Air Pollution: How Bad Is It, Really?
Do You Know The 3 Fives of Healthy Choices?
All China Expats: Here’s How To Find Out Your City’s Real-Time Air Quality
Expatitis: Are You Infected?
Don’t Worry, Beijingers, There’s No Radiation!
Fight Crazy Bad Air Pollution — Cheaply

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