Get Into The Chunjie Spirit At Nongzhanguan

This is a quick message to all; a couple months ago I wrote about one of my favorite local spots, the Agricultural Exhibition Center (NóngZhǎnGuǎn) just off east third ring at the eastern end of Dongzhimen Wai Dajie. Right now they have their annual Chinese New Years exhibition, and it’s a great way to kill a couple hours this weekend (or up until the 27th). This almost-free (3RMB) exhibition is held in an enormous room in the back, and there are hundreds of vendors selling everything from foods; clothes; tea; new years decorations, and housewares. You’ll find it irresistible to sample the many foods. Visiting this place (Nong Zhan Guan) is always a terrific way to get absorbed into the local laobaixing scene. If it’s nice out, don’t forget to walk around the pretty grounds behind the building.

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