Daytrip: Wulingshan 雾灵山

Wulingshan (雾灵山) is another of the many mountain daytrip options, this one in the north eastern direction past Miyun reservoir, about 2 hours drive using the relaxing and wonderfully empty Jingcheng Gaosu (“highway”).

Wulingshan is nice to drive to when Beijing is very hot; the mountain top is quite a few degrees cooler, and the view is lovely.

But, overall, I was less than satisfied. First, Wulingshan is ridiculously expensive at 120RMB per person to enter. That’s almost as expensive as a US National Park! Wulingshan has precious little hiking in the hills, and mostly we drove around the mountain and stopped at the top for a bit. The rocky mountain top is not so pretty, with a big antenna and parking lot — but the 360 degree views are amazing.

Overall, Wulingshan ranks low on the list of mountain options around Beijing. I would far prefer to enter the western mountains, which are more wild, more diverse, and cheaper to enter.

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