Website of the week: CDC Travel Page

It’s the height of summer and everyone is in the middle of their traveling. I get many visits from patients asking about travel issues like, “do I need malaria pills for ___ place?” or “which vaccines do I need for ___?” Well, here’s a little secret that may save you some time: before you see the doctor, first go to the CDC Travel website and read their updated page on the country you plan to visit. This website, by the US Center for Disease Control, is the same website the doctors use, to see which vaccines are needed, as well as malaria and other issues. It also gives important information on any crucial outbreaks.

It’s a fantastic website, completely free and updated constantly. It’s a must-use, every time you travel.

By the way, try to research your travel country at least one month before visiting, to give you enough time for vaccines. Many vaccines such as japanese encephalitis are a 3 shot series that take at least 21 days.

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