Poetry Break: The Cravin'

I’ve run out of steam this week, so I thought I’d just post an old poem of mine for your enjoyment. It’s totally non-medical but I had a lot of fun writing it when I was 16 and it may put a smile on your face…

The Cravin’

Once upon a midnight dreary, while I studied, weak and weary,
Over many a quaint and curious tragedy of Shakespeare bore-
While I read them, gently grumbling, suddenly there came a rumbling,
As of someone heavily tumbling, tumbling down onto the floor-
Only that and nothing more.

Ah, distinctly came the notion that it was my stomach in motion,
As it hungered for some potion, since I last consumed at four.
Eagerly I wished for cooking-maybe fish straight from the hooking.
In the kitchen, no one looking, I took ten Twinkies with a roar.
Then I heard my mother’s voice, her shrill vibrato cross and sore-
‘Have a pear and nothing more!’

And the silken thought of eating all ten Twinkies at one seating
Brought my stomach and my conscience to engage themselves in war.
But my conscience soon was fleeting; I began the art of eating,
Getting closer to a beating, a beating which I did implore
To my mother to show mercy; ‘dearest mother, whom I adore,
Just this once, and nevermore!’

Her reaction wasn’t cooler; no, she grabbed a three foot ruler.
She approached but slowly stopped and stared right at the cupboard door.
Her seething state succumbed to greedy as her body said ‘I’m needy!’
Thoughts of chocolates-yes, indeedy! Shoo-fly pie sweet to the core!
She turned to me, her eyes a-twinkle, and said to me this sweet succor-
‘Let’s eat them all and buy some more!’

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