My Photography Exhibit Opens This Weekend At The Schoolhouse Mutianyu

I have two careers in my life: my left-brain career as a family medicine doctor, and my right-brain career in photography. So everyone is invited to visit my solo exhibition in one of my favorite Beijing hangouts, the Art Room at the Schoolhouse at Mutianyu. I am showing 18 of my favorite pieces until December 19, and all are invited to visit, especially my gallery opening this Saturday, November 19 from 5 to 7:30pm. I will also again be out at the Schoolhouse the next Saturday, the 26th, for their wonderful annual Thanksgiving dinner. If you can’t make it at all, you can always visit my online gallery. Here is a preview of some artwork:

Richard Saint Cyr Photography Schoolhouse Mutianyu Beijing
Richard Saint Cyr Photography Schoolhouse Mutianyu Beijing

A Bit More About Me

I have been taking photographs for over 25 years. Growing up in the Boston area, I moved to San Francisco and Sonoma county after graduating from Columbia University. Most of my photographic creativity has arisen while hiking around the spectacular beauty of Sonoma County and the San Francisco Bay.

This collection of photographs offers the highlights of my portfolio to date, with an emphasis on the surreal and abstract forms in nature that we are surrounded with, yet we barely notice. The details of the artwork are not nearly as important as the overall impression the viewer gets; any lingering over a piece, or a second glance, is considered a success by me.

Most of the images here are from film, usually from Fuji’s lovely Velvia slide film. Final prints are processed via a digital darkroom using Adobe products, with very little post-processing or manipulation. My cameras have ranged from a Minolta X-700 to Nikon N65, then Nikon D70 and now the beautiful Canon D5 Mark II. My one essential filter is a polarizer.

I have my portfolio online at

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