Can The World Cup Affect Your Health?

Here’s a fun article from Miller-McCune reviewing some medical literature showing how large spectator sports events like the World Cup can cause spikes of heart attacks in some countries, where other countries like France reported less risk. It’s an interesting read for you football fans (Is the World Cup Bad for Your Health? | Miller-McCune Online). Here’s a quote about the French article:

An article in the journalHeart reported the number of deaths from myocardial infarction in French men was “significantly lower” on the final day of the 1998 World Cup compared with five days before or after. The match was a huge event in France — something like 40 percent of the population tuned in — and it took place in the evening, meaning the lower heart attack rate was largely recorded during the hours leading up to the first kick. The researchers speculate that the “immense fervor and collective euphoria” of fans may have compensated for the higher stress levels and increase in alcohol consumption, resulting in a net health gain. Of course, it didn’t hurt that the French team won.

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