Top 10 Most Popular Posts of 2009

In the spirit of end of year lists, I thought people would be interested to see the most popular pages of 2009. As you can see, by far the most popular subject was air pollution. But there’s an overall common theme of Beijing-specific content that really caught on, including tips for ayis and the dreaded winter dry skin. So, in order of popularity:

  1. Air Pollution: How Bad Is It, Really?
  2. My Air Quality Journal: 太可怕!
  3. Air Pollution in China: New Slideshow
  4. Top Things Your Ayi Should Know
  5. Why So Afraid of H1N1 Vaccine?
  6. Air Pollution: What About Indoor Air?
  7. Pollution: Close Your Windows at Night
  8. Air Pollution: Beijing vs. Shanghai
  9. Beijing+Winter=Dry Skin. Are You Ready?
  10. How Good are N95 Masks For Pollution?

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