H1N1 Update: Summer camps cancelled

Summer camps cancelled to prevent spread of H1N1.

I’ve started to see a lot more flu-type illnesses in my clinic over the last few weeks, and I expect a wave of new cases over the next month or two — especially after school restarts. Right now, there are reports coming out detailing H1N1 flu outbreaks at summer camps, and a few public camps in Beijing are getting cancelled (see article).

It’s still very reassuring that this contagious flu virus remains mild, and most are recovering very well. So, I tell people going to camps (and any activity) to just be more cautious in terms of personal contact, and be even more vigilant with hand washing. I certainly wouldn’t want them to cancel their plans.

The H1N1 vaccine may be available in small amounts starting late September, but it’s still not certain yet. As always, prevention is key!

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