China to approve single-dose H1N1 flu vaccines

H1N1China has announced today approval of two companies to make the H1N1 flu vaccine. This puts China first worldwide to produce a vaccine. More good news is that it will be a one-shot series, not two as many doctors had expected.

But don’t run to your clinic yet; initial stocks will be limited to highest risk persons, which likely will include health workers, students, children and pregnant women.

And always remember that this virus itself isn’t very dangerous, with symptoms similar to the annual flu.

By the way, clinics have just started to stock this season’s regular flu vaccine! I think it’s a good idea to get this, and sooner rather than later. It may also help prevent you from getting a double whammy of both H1N1 and regular flu. Call your clinic first, just to be sure it’s in stock.

Link: The Associated Press: China to approve single-dose swine flu vaccines.

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