Health Word of the Day 今日健康词: This Week's Collection

Sina Weibo microblog logoMy microblog on Sina Weibo has slowly started to take off, thanks in part to a new feature: a bilingual health word of the day. I try to write it both in Chinese and English and hopefully choose a word that is topical — such as radiation (辐射 fú shè), or hay fever (花粉过敏 huāfěnguòmǐn). You can read the first week’s words below. As usual, I invite everyone to follow my Sina Weibo microblog: I think Sina Weibo is far more useful and interesting than Twitter, even if Twitter were available here. OK, here we go:

沙尘暴 shāchénbào = sandstorm. 例如 Example: 北京在春天有很多沙尘暴。Beijing has many sandstorms during the spring season. Read more (english):

心脏病 xīnzàngbìng = heart disease. Example 例如:exercising 150 minutes each week can help prevent heart disease. 每周锻炼150分钟可以帮助预防心脏病。

糖尿病 tángniàobìng = diabetes. 例如 Example: many Chinese people have diabetes but they do not know it. 很多中国人有糖尿病但是还不知道。

花粉过敏 huāfěnguòmǐn = hay fever。例如 example:my nose is running and I am sneezing; is it hayfever season already? 流鼻涕和打喷嚏;是不是花粉过敏季节已经来了?

吃素的人 chīsùderén = Vegetarian. 例如 Example:吃了很多肉可能是对我和环境不健康,也许我应该成为一个吃素的人。Eating a lot of meat might be unhealthy for me and the environment; maybe I should become a vegetarian. Read more (english):

病毒 bìngdú = Virus。例如 Example:”普通感冒是由病毒,而不是细菌引起的。所以你不需要静脉注射抗生素。The common cold is caused by a virus, not a bacteria. So you do not need intravenous antibiotics.”

高钠血症 gāo nà xuè zhèng = hypernatremia (too much salt in blood). Example: “If you eat too much table salt, you can develop hypernatremia, and you could die.”

辐射 fú shè = Radiation. Example: “The nuclear radiation in Japan is headed east, over the Pacific.”

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2 thoughts on “Health Word of the Day 今日健康词: This Week's Collection”

  1. This is great, I teach English at a hospital in Haikou, Hainan Province. I just teach spoken English, as most of the staff’s level is not yet to the point where they can attempt medical English. However, I like to provide resources for those that are at that level, or aspire to be. I’ve just linked your entry here to our class blog, and advised the students to follow you on Weibo. Thank for the great resource!


    1. That’s great news! I’m very pleased you like it. I would love to have more students and teachers involved, all over China…

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