Beijing Specialty Hospitals

People come from all over China to see the doctors at Beijing’s most reputable specialty hospitals. Fortunately, most hospitals also have a VIP section, with English speakers, and a usual doctor fee starting around 200RMB (instead of their usual fees of 5-20RMB!). I have made an interactive map listing the major specialty clinics in Beijing. You just click on each icon to get more information, including directions, phone numbers and English websites. Hospitals include:
Anzhen Hospital – cardiology
Intech Hospital
– eyes
New Century Hospital
– pediatrics
Jiaen Hospital
– infertility
United Family Hospital
– full service expat hospital including ob/gyn deliveries.
AmCare Hospital
— offers ob/gyn care including deliveries
Peking Union Hospital
– VIP department with mutiple specialties
Sino-Japanese Hospital
– VIP department with mutiple specialties

Click on each map icon for more information

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