Which Fruits and Veggies Have The Most Pesticides?

Do you know which produce has the most pesticides? The website www.foodnews.org, sponsored by the Environmental Working Group, has a Shoppers Guide to Pesticides which you can download as a PDF. There is also a nice, free iPhone/iPod Touch application called Dirty Produce, which also lists the Dirty Dozen and Clean 15. I find the iPhone app really useful while shopping for groceries, as it helps me decide whether a certain veggie should always be organic or could I get away with the regular version.

For example, below is their list of Top Ten Dirtiest Produce. I would always try to buy these organic, and I would still be cautious in washing and scrubbing:

1 (worst) Peach 100 (highest pesticide load)
2 Apple 93
3 Sweet Bell Pepper 83
4 Celery 82
5 Nectarine 81
6 Strawberries 80
7 Cherries 73
8 Kale 69
9 Lettuce 67
10 Grapes – Imported 66

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