Signs of Spring: Hayfever

I never thought spring would arrive this year, but here it is! After a miserably long winter, the chill is gone, the flowers are blooming — and the itching and sneezing has commenced. It’s hayfever time.

I’ve prepared a slide show on the basics of hayfever for Beijingers; you can watch it full screen below without downloading.


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3 thoughts on “Signs of Spring: Hayfever”

  1. Thanks, Dr. R. I always thought that I never got allergies, but just got colds easily. In the past couple years, however, I finally realized that I do get allergies — and Beijing really made me realize this because me "colds"/allergies correspond to the huge amounts of fluffy stuff coming off the trees here.

    1. Just wait a couple more weeks — the fluffy “catkin” pollenballs will be snowing down….

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