Rabies and Kids: Great New Website

With World Rabies Day approaching on September 28th, the U.S. Center for Disease Control has announced a new website geared towards children which discusses the terrible, fatal viral disease of rabies. It’s an extremely kid-friendly and high yield source for children.

vetAs I’ve mentioned before in my rabies posts, all Beijing expats, especially parents, should consider getting the 3-shot rabies vaccine series before their children get bitten. This could save your child’s life; and if your child is not vaccinated and gets bitten, the treatment is much more complicated, expensive and painful.

I strongly recommend parents check out the website below and share it with their children. And teachers may also be interested in using this page as a background for a lecture they could do for World Rabies Day on September 28; they can find more rabies educational material here.

Website: What Is Rabies? | CDC Rabies and Kids.

Not just dogs...
Not just dogs...

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