New Contributor: Dr Alan Mease

This year I would love to add new posts from all interested Beijing (and China) health care providers. I’m pleased to report that this week MHBJ will have a new contributor: Dr Alan Mease. Many Beijingers know him well as he’s been a pediatric doctor at United Family Hospital for 8 years; he has returned from Guangzhou and is now again Chairman of the Department of Pediatrics at UFH. He runs his own personal website but expressed an interest in contributing here, and he’s warmly welcome.

I think he’s a great addition to this website, and hopefully he can provide us some insightful reading. He has a particularly strong interest in integrative holistic medicine, which I think will really interest our readers. He also is a strong supporter, as I am, of evidence-based medicine and constantly uses the physician website for patient care. I will post his first piece (“What Is Integrative Holistic Medicine?”) tomorrow.

And please, any other medical providers in Beijing and all of China, feel free to contact me if you’d like to contribute to this website!

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