My Favorite Wellness Tips of 2010

Most of my website’s posts can be divided up into three categories: public health; disease; and wellness articles. My public health articles (AKA pollution) get the most hits, but I’m more partial to my wellness posts. Here are my choices for 2010’s top wellness tips:

  1. Top Ten Wellness Tips For Beijing Newbies — This is great starter material for expats, highlighting what I think are your top ten ways to stay healthy here in Beijing — or any city!
  2. Preventive Health for Expats: Interview on Radio Beijing — You can listen to a quick 20-minute interview on local radio, where I discuss how expats can keep their immune systems in high gear here.
  3. Which Asian Fruits & Veggies Are Healthiest? — Not sure whether your baicai or kugua is healthier? Here’s a big collection of tables and graphs to show you the best — and the worst.
  4. Vitamin D: It’s The New Black — One of many posts this year on vitamin D, I highlight the research that suggests how all of us may benefit from this supplement — especially in the winter!
  5. Do-It-Yourself Power Breakfast — Including Soy Milk — I bought a soy milk machine three years ago and love waking up to warm, healthy milk; I also discuss how you can make your own protein powders and mix it all up for a great breakfast boost.
  6. Good News: Biking In Beijing Helps More Than Hurts — Yes, it’s proven! Exercise is crucial for overall immunity and wellness, and people should not be discouraged from outdoor activity here. Biking, especially commuting for work/school, is a great way to get your 150 minutes a week exercise quota.
  7. White Rice May Cause Diabetes — Or, to put it in a positive spin, brown rice can prevent diabetes. This is an important concept for everyone; anything pure white is almost always less healthy than the natural color foods! It sounds obvious, but how many of us are hard-core with whole wheat pastas, rice and breads?
  8. Stressed? Try Tai Chi & Yoga — I strongly recommend both tai chi and yoga for anybody; it’s a wonderful stress reliever and can really help both mental and physical health.
  9. Omega-3 Supplements: Should You Be Taking Them? — This reviews the strongest research evidence into omega-3 oils, one of the world’s most common supplements. And the answer is yes, some of you should seriously think about taking this…
  10. Do You Know Your Target Exercise Heart Rate? — I always mention how we should reach for 150 minutes a week of exercise; but what type of exercise is best, and how can you tell if it’s enough? Taking your pulse is a nice and easy tool, and this post reviews what your target heart rate should be.

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