Nov 192010


This is not a drill, people: the US Embassy’s pollution monitor ( for three days has been recording air pollution levels in the highest levels far above 300 AQI, and as of 7am Friday is 477 AQI. Peaks each day have tilted the machine at 500 AQI. This is indeed considered “emergency conditions”, and all schools and other places should be putting forward their action plans — clearly this would include cancelling all outdoor activities. That includes no outdoor recess, especially for toddlers.

And I strongly recommend that any healthy person, if you must bike or walk around, please use an N95 mask today!

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  5 Responses to “Emergency Pollution Levels Now…”

  1. I think Plastered 8 should print a new line of "crazy bad" T-shirts…

  2. I so support biking!!!!!!!! :O

  3. Or how about a T shirt that reads the AQI and broadcasts it right on the shirt?

    Like those WiFi signal strength detecting shirts?

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