Taking Care of Your Health in Beijing: A Free Health Talk for the Community

All are welcome to attend a free lecture about wellness this Tuesday morning — here is the information below, from our website:

On Tuesday, September 23, Dr. Howard Bernstien, Emergency Medicine Physician, and Dr. Richard Saint Cyr, Family Medicine Physician, will give a talk to the community about dealing with emergencies and how to stay healthy in Beijing.

Taking Care of Your Health in Beijing Final-01

Whether you are living in the suburbs or the heart of downtown, life in the capital can be an exciting adventure. Being prepared and informed can help you deal with any unforeseen health problems that may arise, be they common or life-threatening. Learn what do in an emergency and how to stay healthy from two Beijing United Family Hospital (BJU) specialists.

BJU is the only internationally-accredited private hospital with 24-hour emergency services in Beijing. Visit our expanded Emergency Room facilities and experience why you’re in good hands with us.

Date: Tuesday, September 23
Time: 9 – 10:30 am
Location: 2 Jiangtai Road, BJU Building 2, 5th Floor Conference Room
Map and directions: http://beijing.ufh.com.cn

To register or for more information, please contact Jenifer Sullivan at [email protected].

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