Patient Education Handouts

Wouldn’t it be great to have one website with a big list of printable handouts that have easily readable information about diseases? Of course there are many such sites already, but most are quite stuffy, boring, or simply not useful. What’s the point of those articles if people don’t enjoy reading them and don’t follow the advice? Hopefully some of you will prefer to use my own collection of handouts, which you can access here as well as at the top of this and every screen. It’s a growing collection of PDF and HTML versions of basic health topics, including:

  • The Common Cold: Basics of Treatment
  • Diabetes: The Healthiest Foods and Natural Medicines
  • High Cholesterol: The Healthiest Foods
  • Prediabetes: The Basics of Management
  • Cough Syrups: The Most Effective Treatments
  • Obesity in Childhood: the Basics of Treatment

These files are free to print and download for personal use, by physicians as well as the public. Enjoy! (commercial use not allowed without my permission)

My other favorite Patient Education Websites

I am working closely with my own hospital chain, United Family Healthcare, to create a large database both in English as well as in Chinese. And I always recommend people use the HONsearch engine to find the best health articles. HONsearch is created by the NGO HONCode, which rates health websites and only chooses the highest quality sites (of which I am a proud member!)

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