Finally! Organic Local Blueberries in Beijing


Blueberries are one of nature’s superfoods. They are packed with vitamin C and have tons of antioxidants, and there is increasing data that blueberries can help improve (or keep) our memory as we age. A brand-new study also shows that it lowers blood pressure and LDL, the bad cholesterol. Plus, they taste great!

The problem in Beijing used to be availability; you either spent 50RMB on fresh organics flown in from Chile (not exactly carbon-footprint friendly), or about 20RMB on local frozen ones, which never tasted as fresh. Now, I’m happy to report that just in the last couple months I’ve noticed an explosion of locally made organic blueberries — at an astonishing price of only 10-12RMB per small box. I just stocked up on a pile from Walmart at 9.9RMB, and I’ve also seen them in the excellent SanYuanLi market. I think this is a good sign that the slowly maturing organics market in China continues to progress.

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4 thoughts on “Finally! Organic Local Blueberries in Beijing”

  1. hi~ i knew u from the visit which u participated the Radio774-My life in Beijing and u were born from the medical family , lucky dog, i think . i definitely learnt about tons of knowledge from u articles, e.g. Orhanic fruit -Blueberries ,of course, it is indispensable to us to gain the Vitamin C and other benifical trace elements .But, i am fond of Durian which is the king of the fruits, hehe… …so what about u ??? please let me know. I yearn to u good articles each day ,cause it can add too much spice to my daily life,it is ture. – Charming .

  2. not to be a downer, but blueberries, I read once, are one of the only crops which grow easily without fertilizers and pesticides. It doesn't have that much to do with the organic commitment of these growers. That being said, I sure am glad to have certified blueberries all around, even at the street vendor near our home, so we are happy to eat many boxes each week. Great price at WalMart, I'll have to visit there. Do you go to the Wanda Plaza one? I heard they're the best and have great fruit, mounds of it.

    1. I don\’t know how \”easy\” it is to grow, but it\’s definitely a good step. As for which Walmart, I\’ve been to 4 in the city and I really prefer the Wanda Plaza one — really big aisles, huge organic selections, easy underground parking, much less crazy than the third ring Carrefour…

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