Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared! Beijing Newcomers Talk

Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared! That’s the title of my free lecture this Thursday, October 10, 10:00-11am, at my hospital’s 5th Floor Video Conference Room. Everyone in Beijing is invited to come here to Beijing United Family Hospital (map and directions here). I and Dr. Jason Wood, Department Chair of Emergency discuss everything from pollution and food worries to designing a personal emergency plan for you and your family. It’s specially geared for newcomers but is relevant to everyone here, so all are more than welcome. We hope to see you there! Please RSVP to [email protected].

For those of you who can’t make it, you can read an earlier article, 8 Tips For Healthy Living in China


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8 thoughts on “Don’t Be Scared, Be Prepared! Beijing Newcomers Talk”

  1. “I and Dr. Jason Wood,”

    Sir, do you mean “Dr. Jason Wood and I”?

    I thought you liked English Literature…

  2. Hello,
    what do you think about this new product idea?
    Any idea why are the comments off on the best masks post?

    “Indoor and outdoor air quality monitoring
    In addition to accessing both indoor and outdoor air quality information, families can use the app to select which city or neighbourhoods they want to track. They can gain insight into the history of the previous week’s air quality, allowing families to monitor for peak pollution patterns, such as cooking. A turbo-mode can then be scheduled to ensure air is kept as clean as possible during those times.

    Controlling the product remotely means there is no lapse in air quality when families first enter the home. When a mother is returning home with her child, for example, she can check via her smartphone what the air quality is at home and activate it if necessary, ensuring air quality is improved before she sets foot in the door.”

    1. I suppose that might be useful, but honestly it sounds very gimmicky. Just spend the $$ on a good solid HEPA filter machine, don’t worry about built-in monitoring…

  3. Sorry I missed your meeting, are you having another soon? Also I’m worried about a relative here who is being talked into having a kidney removed to help her get pregnant … sounds medically unsound to me and the rest of the family won’t listen to me because I’m not a physician. She lives in Changchun and there is a brisk trade in stolen kidneys there, so I’m even more worried, but don’t know how to stop it. Suggestions??

    1. I’ll keep you posted about future talks, as well as when my similar TEDx talk goes up…but your kidney story certainly is a new one to me! I’m not an ob/gyn doctor and I don’t know any specifics about this patient: but I’ve never heard of any medical reason, nor can I even think of any, that fertility would be improved by removing a kidney.

      1. Thank you for the insights. DO you know of anyone in Beijing where she could get a second opinion. She is being pushed into surgery very soon and I fear for her wellbeing.

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