Condoms: Fakes In China. Buyer Beware!

The Chinese English language newspaper Global Times today has an article relevant to many expats; there is a wave of fake condoms being sold in smaller shops all over China. I can’t find their internet link but the gist is that recently the police busted a counterfeit condom ring in Shaoyang that was shipping to distributors in Beijing. The most likely places for these fakes are small market stalls, corner stores and the adult XXX stores. It’s estimated that in some areas in China, one third of supply is fake.

So, the safest place to buy condoms, as is typical of all things in China, is at the large stores with big distribution chains and more capital. The article mentions:

…brand name stores like Watsons, Walmart and Tesco are safe, as they purchase their products from authorized manufacturers in China, who only use imported materials and distribute exclusively at supermarkets, chain stores and pharmacies.

More Information on STDs

Now’s as good a time as any to dust off my slideshow about the basics of sexually transmitted disease. I recommend you view this full-screen; just click on the FULL icon at the bottom of the slide (very cool free technology! Thanks, slideshare):

The Global Times also has a secondary article: Global Times – Counterfeit condoms spread fear.

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