BeijingAir Pollution Data: Now an iPhone App

I’ve frequently mentioned the very useful US Embassy pollution monitor here in Beijing, which used to be only on Twitter but is now easier to access. First there was the non-blocked website, which I strongly recommend; now I’m happy to report that someone has designed an iPhone/iPod Touch app! Now it’ll be even easier for parents, teachers and anyone interested to follow the hourly updates. As I’ve mentioned often, this real-time data can give us fortunate Beijingers a lot of control in implementing pollution action plans, especially in schools.

I haven’t downloaded it yet, so please let me know if there are problems…

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9 thoughts on “BeijingAir Pollution Data: Now an iPhone App”

    1. Actually, I do have suggestions! 1. Add the previous 24-hour bar-graph data similar to what the has. It’s very useful to assess trends. #2 more long-term, make some type of searchable database of the numbers! Or at least to be able to graphically scroll through previous day’s 24-hour data via bar graphs. #3 set up some type of SMS/email alert when numbers hit a certain number, like 200 or 300. Thanks for the work! Too bad Shanghai doesn’t have something like this…

    1. Looks like they are out of business. The app stopped working a long time ago…it’s still best on an iPhone to just use Safari and go to the website

  1. the app is on the U.S. store here and I have it on  my phone, which means it is also in the China app store….but I cannot find it online
    ooh the china app store version seems to be either have been removed, or the site blocked!  

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