Amazing PM2.5 Breakthrough, & Stem Cell Crackdown

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On the January 11 broadcast of EZFM’s Beijing Hour radio show, host Paul James and I discussed the very welcome and long-overdue crackdown on the stem cell industry in China. We also talk about the astoundingly good news that the Beijing Ministry of Environmental Protection will start to publish hourly PM2.5 data by January 23rd — an amazing four years ahead of schedule. You can listen by clicking on the links above.

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You can always listen live to my radio interview each Wednesday around 7:35am Beijing time, on the Beijing Hour program on EZFM 91.5, which is broadcast from 7-8am every weekday by host Paul James. EZFM is the popular bilingual radio station on the China Radio International network, broadcasting here in Beijing and on multiple stations all over the world, as well as live online here.

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