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The following are my collection of review articles for you to print as HTML or PDF. All material on my website is vetted by the international HONcode standard as an approved website for trustworthy health information (verify here). Everyone, from patients to  doctors, is welcome to print for individual use. All articles are copyright protected and text cannot be reproduced without my explicit approval.

General Health

Allergic Rhinitis (Hayfever) Treatment and Prevention  HTML  PDF
The Common Cold: Basics of Treatment  HTML  PDF
Diabetes: Glycemic Index and Importance of Fiber  HTML  PDF
Diabetes: Weight Loss and other Lifestyle Changes  HTML  PDF
Diabetes: The Healthiest Foods and Natural Medicines  HTML  PDF
Exercise: The 7 Minute Workout  HTML  PDF
High Cholesterol: The Healthiest Foods  HTML  PDF
Prediabetes: The Basics of Management  HTML  PDF
Sunscreen Use: How to prevent cancer and wrinkles  HTML  PDF
Obesity: BMI (Body Mass Index) Calculator  HTML  

Children’s Health

Cough Syrups: The Most Effective Treatments  HTML  PDF
Nutrition: Avoid Sodas  HTML  PDF
Nutrition: The Importance of Breakfast  HTML  PDF
Obesity in Childhood: the Basics of Treatment  HTML  PDF
Rabies Vaccine: why you need this in China  HTML  PDF


Women’s Health

Pregnancy and Gastroenteritis: The Basics  HTML  PDF


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