H1N1 Hospitalizations Occurring at Any Age

Here’s a quick link to a good review from Medscape about the latest H1N1 information regarding hospitalizations and deaths. This latest paper was in November 4th’s JAMA. The gist is that hospitals are seeing complications at all age groups, including the elderly, which seemed previously to be partially immune. Here’s a good quote:

“H1N1 has a reputation as a mild illness, but we found that almost one third of our hospitalized cases became severely ill and required mechanical ventilation. Over 10% died,” she said. “Also, there is a perception that the elderly have some immunity. However, we found that if elderly persons were admitted to a hospital, they tended to be more likely to die from their H1N1 infection.”

Article: Hospitalization, Death From H1N1 Influenza Can Occur at Any Age .

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