Don't Touch That Escalator Rail!

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escalator germs virusDid you know that everything around you is covered in yucky germs? Yep, we all know that, but it’s again verified to scare everyone. As I discuss in this week’s podcast, a fun new study in the US swabbed a lot of public places and found germs everywhere — especially on gasoline pumps, public mailbox handles, escalator rails and ATM buttons. What’s the lesson? I’m not too sure, as it’s fairly obvious stuff. Perhaps we should all never go outside again? Oh yeah, our own bathrooms and kitchen tops are also awash in germs. Hmmm. Where to hide…

But it does allow us to talk a bit about viruses and colds, and talk about how this type of contact is the major way that many viruses spread, including the annual flu virus. Check out the podcast for more tips.

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2 thoughts on “Don't Touch That Escalator Rail!”

  1. Just read your exceptional story in China Daily and am thrilled for the reference. I’m an expat, living alone, consultant in Sino-American education, travel a lot in China,
    78 years old, start each day on writing followed by gym. Almost never sick (except for the big stuff, cancer 3 times in past 25 years- breast, breast, gall bladder, liver), but two years ago thought I was dying of pneumonia (I wasn’t) and had no one to ask.
    I am just struck again, so staying in today. I have asked and asked other expats about this air, this week especially, and no one seemed to know. Will pass on your website, newsletter and air pollution article to my expat pals. Thanks so much for being here!

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