Finally, A Blood Test For Liver Cancer?

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I’m very skeptical of the common practice in Chinese “health check” centers to do multiple screening tests for cancers. Many of these tests are neither specific nor sensitive enough for cost-effective screening, and most patients end up spending a lot of money on follow-up tests which prove benign. I’m not saying the concept is bad, I’m saying that many blood biomarkers are not ready for prime time. It’s really a shame, as many cancers including liver cancer are usually diagnosed too late to help the patient survive for a long time. Perhaps there’s now some hope with liver cancer, as a Chinese team has designed a blood test which may be more accurate than the common AFP test. This hopefully will turn out to be truly effective, especially for China, as liver cancer from hepatitis B is extremely common. I discuss this issue in my weekly radio broadcast on Beijing Hour; you can listen to the podcast with the above links.

nutrition milk juice drinksPaul James and I also discuss recent news stories about the questionable nutritional value of many popular milk beverages, including Wahaha’s Nutri-Express line of milk+juice combinations. I’ve never tried them so cannot comment on the taste (milk with juice?), but in general the vast majority of this class of drinks are never as nutritious as the real deal. In other words, pure milk is usually a lot better than the super-sweetened mixes, and juices in boxes are almost always super-sweetened and also have less of the original nutrients. Your grandma was right: an apple a day keeps the doctor away.

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  1. I know someone worried about having a lung problem, or even lung cancer, so I looked up some info for them. Apparently, a blood test and even a bretholyzer are in the works/available soon for early detection of Lung cancer. (Most lung cancers are not detected until they are already pretty serious. Detecting them sooner would make treatments more successful.) a breatholizer test!

    and a blood test

    Here’s the company details. email is info{at}

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