World AIDS Day Today: The Stigma in China…

Today is World AIDS Day, and local newspapers are providing good information online today. The Global Times has a nice series of articles reviewing the situation in China (Global Times – A nation of ghost whispers.) The gist of the story centers on the stigma attached to HIV positive people here, and the strong discrimination they encounter. Another article touches on the UNAIDS update.

The WHO also is taking advantage of the publicity to announce new guidelines for treatment of HIV AIDS.

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One thought on “World AIDS Day Today: The Stigma in China…”

  1. Hello Mr. Richard,
    could you please let us know if there is free and safe aids testing service in Beijing?
    I was talking the other day with someone and wanted to persuade to do the test.

    Plus, what are the vaccines that you consider essential for anyone living here in Beijing (I don´t mean the H1N1)

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