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Last week I did a fun one hour interview on the BON TV network‘s prime time talk show called Easy China.  BON, the “Blue Ocean Network”, is a new cable station currently seen in New York City on Time Warner channel 92, with full broadcast internet streams and soon to be in China via satellite. They are all-China, all the time, in English, and their range of shows and internet broadcasts is already impressive after only half a year of broadcasting.

Our broadcast focused on air pollution in China; so I wanted to guide the BON TV viewers coming to my website with a list of the major pollution articles we were discussing on the show:

I will link the show’s internet feed once it is online over the weekend. For you Beijingers and China expats, definitely check out their site! Here’s more about them:

Blue Ocean Network (BON TV) is a brand new, pioneering television network producing a wide range of objective English language content bringing the human side of China to homes across the Western world.  BON goes live on air in Summer 2009 in the United States. BON TV:

– informs the discerning Westerner about a contemporary China.
– is independent television that encourages audience interaction.
– frequently interacts live  with audiences with information that genuinely aims to assist viewers to  get the bigger picture on China.
– covers a range of topics including business, travel, news, arts/culture, education, fashion, lifestyle and reality TV.
– strives for excellence and encourages feedback from its  diverse international audience.
– is able to reach deeper than other networks to discover what is happening on the ground in China, bringing a relevant, dynamic, vibrant China to you.
– employs mainstream distribution strategies including bonlive.com and other internet distribution.

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