Totobobo Masks Finally Available in Beijing

I’m happy to report that one of my favorite masks for air pollution, the Totobobo mask, is finally available for sale in a local Beijing store. Chris Buckley and his team at Torana Air Cleaners are now selling them; you can read their description about the masks here, and more about their stores here.

You can also read my analysis of the masks. FYI, I get no special funding for this endorsement — I just like them and want the community to benefit!

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4 thoughts on “Totobobo Masks Finally Available in Beijing”

  1. That’s great news!Just ordered one from Singapore…
    I was wondering what you think about the Totobo Cool mask, that only covers the mouth…haven’t tried it out yet, but do you think -as long as one breathes only in via the mouth (and out via nose), is it protection as much as the other type?
    I see Torana decided to not stock that one..
    And I was a bit lost which filter to buy for Beijing and went for the 94% ones first – shall I go for the higher % mask?
    I will use it for daily biking in Beijing.

    1. I’m honestly a bit skeptical of the Cool mask; I don’t think it’s very physically possible not to partially breathe in from the nose. I tried it and just couldn’t figure it out. I like the other models just fine and prefer the one with the around-the-ear straps, a bit easier for me than around-the-head. Perhaps not as secure, of course…as for which %, I don’t see a huge difference…

      1. Dr. Saint. Cyr, thanks again. We are very pleased to have an expert like Torana Air Cleaner to be our distributor in Beijing. It will make life easier for people in Beijing to buy Totobobo mask.

  2. Thanks for your point of view, Richard. I will see how it goes with the cool mask first, since I bought that one already..but probably will come to the same result as you 🙂

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