Real-Time Air Pollution Reports — Officially!

There’s big news on the air pollution front; the Chinese government has just started a nationwide network of air pollution monitors which update hourly and are freely available on their new website. Another blog, livefrombeijing, is covering more specifics of this great news. You can access the new pollution website here, but be warned, it runs only after you download a Microsoft plugin, and I’m still having massive troubles viewing it, even on multiple browsers. For now, I will still be using the US Embassy’s feed. This feed is also always available here on my website, on the lower right side.

Still, this is a major, positive step for full-access pollution reporting for all of China!

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2 thoughts on “Real-Time Air Pollution Reports — Officially!”

  1. Wow, this really is a big deal. It looks like they're not reporting the PM 2.5 numbers though? And like you, I haven't been able to get the Microsoft plugin to work yet. But I am really glad the government is reporting this data. People should not have to look at the sky and guess how polluted the air is.

    1. They’re reporting PM10 still; I’ve heard soon they will switch to PM2.5. But this first step was far more important…

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