My Favorite Public Health Posts of 2010

I usually write about wellness but I’m also very interested in public health, especially the Beijing-specific problems we see here. So here are my favorite posts from 2010 (not including air pollution):

  1. An American Doctor In China: What’s Different? — This very popular piece showcased a bit of the expectation gap between most Chinese patients, compared to expats.
  2. “I am healthier in Beijing than my home country”: Agree or Disagree? Survey Says… — This is part of my Health Snapshot 2010 survey, which got 80 responses. This post talks about the survey’s interesting findings about expat’s self-perceptions of health here.
  3. Who Needs The Flu Vaccine? New Study Adds A Twist… — Yes, the annual flu is definitely a public health issue, and although we should be thankful that this season is mild so far, it’s still important to review who really needs the annual flu vaccine. You may be surprised who actually needs it, and who doesn’t…
  4. Reflections on U.S. vs China Healthcare — This was a long post regarding my own personal experiences with the Chinese public health care system, and a reflection on the stark differences between my own medical practice and my local Chinese colleagues’ practices.
  5. Are Plastics Causing Cancer & Infertility? — The answer is probably yes, and yes you need to think about the implications if you use plastic — and who doesn’t? This is especially relevant for those of you still microwaving leftovers in restaurant-provided containers (don’t do it!)
  6. Food Safety — Very Cool Bilingual Newsletters — I think food safety is a major issue here in China, and the Hong Kong Centre for Food Safety has an outstanding collection of consumer articles, handouts and newsletters on many common public health issues — most of which are just as relevant in Beijing as they are in Hong Kong. Plus, most articles are bilingual and can be printed for your Chinese colleagues.
  7. Expatitis: Are You Infected? — This initial piece of a 4-part series focused on the multiple mental health issues that many expats face. Beijing’s natural and man-made environment can be overwhelming, and many expats lose their way a bit.
  8. Health Inequality: Here Are Some Graphic Examples — During my continuing studies for my Masters in Public Health, I’ve come across some startling graphs and tables discussing how inequality can add to health differences. This post highlights some of those graphs.
  9. Are There Health Inequalities Among Beijing Expats? — Yes, I do see disparity here in Beijing, mostly due to differences in clinic access from insurance and income limitations…
  10. Safe Seafood — In Beijing? — I generally don’t like to eat any local seafood due to safety concerns, but I do have a few favorite restaurants that pass my skin-allergy test…

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