Is China Really Killing Us? Economic Observer Podcast

Last week I had the pleasure of an interview with Eric Fish, a reporter for the Economic Observer. We chatted for an hour about my six years here in China, and you can listen to the podcast here:

This week the U.S. Embassy’s 2.5PM air pollution monitor in Beijing once again surpassed the 500 “Crazy Bad” level. This and other health issues like food and water safety are of constant concern to expats and a growing number of Chinese who are becoming aware of them.

In today’s podcast we talk with Dr. Richard Saint Cyr of Beijing United Family Hospital. Three years ago he began the My Health Beijing blog to fill what he saw as a vacuum in health and wellness information for people living in China. How much should we be worried about air pollution compared to other health issues? Are air purifiers and purified water jugs worth the money? And how do the expectations of Chinese patients compare with patients back in the U.S.? Listen as Dr. Saint Cyr answers these questions and describes what it’s like practicing medicine in China.

Economic Observer Podcast

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