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Don’t you wish there were a weekly health show for expats, on TV or on radio, that intelligently discussed serious issues about public health and personal wellness in China? I certainly do, and I strongly feel that our community would really benefit from it. Perhaps I’ve taken a first baby step for myself, as I am now a weekly contributor on EZFM’s Beijing Hour, which is broadcast on 91.5FM from 7-8am every weekday by host Paul James. Paul and his excellent team have given me five minutes each Tuesday morning, around 7:35am, to discuss that day’s top health headlines in the Chinese newspapers. I was already a big fan of EZFM, so I’m thrilled that I can be a part of their show. EZFM is the popular bilingual radio station on the CRI Radio network, broadcasting here in Beijing and on multiple stations all over the world, as well as live online here.

You can listen to all the Beijing Hour archives here, but I also have attached each 5 minute segment on this page: simply click on each link to immediately play the audio file. I hope you appreciate these and future shows, and please voice your interest with CRI Radio! You can leave comments on the Beijing Hour message board, as well as on my comment area below.

Show #3:  August 9. Click here or on the arrow below to listen:


On this latest show, we discussed two topics;  first was the new set of calisthenics that were just announced in China. Many of you probably have seen your Chinese coworkers take a short afternoon exercise break along with the same music playing over the radio; this has been a tradition since 1951, and now there’s an updated routine.  I always found this calisthenic routine to be an impressive public health initiative and wish that Americans had a similar campaign. And yet, obesity rates are increasing in China anyway, so how much does it really impact? The second topic involved the use of music therapy to help young athletes relax during the upcoming World University Games in Shenzhen.

Show #2:  August 2. Click here or on the arrow below to listen :


On this day, we talked about two major public health articles this week; one was a major international study, based on WHO’s World Mental Health Survey Initiative, which analyzed depression rates in a few dozen major countries. One of the surprising findings was China — which, surprisingly enough, had the lowest rates of depression of all middle income countries. The second centered around a recent Mercer report which found that China was essentially tied with Canada in having the least total vacation & holidays off each year — and in the first 5 years of working, Chinese workers came in dead last.

Show #1:  July 26. Click here or on the arrow below to listen:


On this first episode, I talk about the dangers of heat stroke, and also a scary report about hospitals in southern China — as well as online pharmacies — offering fertility drugs to patients without proper supervision by doctors.

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