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Some long-term MHBJ readers may have noticed that my blogging output is slowing a bit; one major reason is that I have a new toy: Weibo. I’ve mentioned Weibo a lot already, but I’m still increasingly impressed with its potential  for better healthcare. For me, I suddenly have a legitimate Chinese platform to share the same public health and wellness information on this blog — but now to a vastly wider audience: the Chinese population. I do write mostly in English, but I have started to gather a substantial group of Chinese fans and now have over 1,000 readers — which already is more than my usual readership of this blog.

So if you really want to follow my blog tips, you really need to follow me on Weibo. One reason is posting frequency; while I update this blog twice a week at the most, I usually post 4-10 times a day there. Plus, I include not only the same level of evidence-based links to articles, but also to photos, podcasts, polls and videos. It’s truly an amazing community on Weibo — if you dedicate the time to develop it.

But what I can also do is to cut-and-paste my Weibo tips here on this blog, once a week to keep you updated. Below are my Weibo tips from earlier this week.  You can follow me on Weibo here. And if you don’t know how to navigate Weibo’s Chinese system, you can first read my step-by-step guide to setting up a Weibo account. OK, here we go:

  • Zinc helps fight the common cold 感冒! new meta-analysis shows only higher-dose zinc works. >75mg zinc acetate reduced symptoms 42%; >75mg other forms of zinc helped 20%. Under 75mg:no help. Fascinating! Study: My blog article:

  • Nature’s Bounty 自然之宝 emailed me: they have many stores in China but you can also buy from their three official online dealers: Amazon, 360buy, and dangdang. Those are the ONLY official online dealers! Stick with those three!

    @医生圣西睿智Richard:对于维生素在中国,我真的很喜欢美国的进口品牌“自然之宝“。他们的价格是合理的的。For vitamins in China, I really like the imported US brand Nature’s Bounty. Their prices are reasonable.

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