Hazardous Pollution Continues

Beijing AQI Emergency PM2.5We are now a few days into the most dangerous pollution spike I’ve ever seen in my six years in Beijing, so I hope everyone is taking precautions! Any level over 300 would be considered an emergency, and we spiked over 700 this weekend. I think the absolute basics include:

  • Don’t go outside if you don’t have to, especially your children
  • Schools absolutely should be cancelling outdoor activities
  • If you must go outside, at least consider a proper N95-rated mask
  • Keep those air purifiers cranked up, especially in your child’s bedroom
  • Keep a watchful eye on your vulnerable loved ones: the elderly; infants; anyone with lung disease such as asthma or emphysema; anyone with a bad heart and previous heart attacks

Long term readers may think I’ve been quiet lately, but if you really want to follow my up to date alerts and health advice, you must follow my Weibo microblog. I’ve been broadcasting to tens of thousands of people over the last 48 hours via Weibo.

And you can always read through my air pollution archives for more information.

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