For Docs: General Medicine Course in October

All Health Care Practitioners, both expats and Chinese, are welcome to the annual General Medicine Course from October 22-24 at Beijing United Hospital. This year, they are offering a full day of English courses on October 24 in addition to the usual translated courses.  They have compiled an experienced panel of speakers with topics that are relevant to front-line health care providers. You can use this opportunity to learn something new, refresh old skills, and meet other local and expat practitioners.

Intended Lecturer and Topic Schedule
All course powerpoints are in English and Chinese. For October 22-23, lecturers will either be in Chinese or have verbal Chinese translations. Topic schedule is subject to change and registered attendees will be informed by email of updated schedule.

Friday October 22, Evening

  • Neurological and Musculoskeletal exam: Workshop, Dr. Gail Grey, Family Medicine, Canada

Saturday October 23

  • Approach to Mood disorders, Dr Chang Wei, PhD psychologist, Beijing United Hospital
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder, Dr. Tyrone Bristol, Pediatrics, Shanghai United Hospital Chief Medical Officer
  • Community Acquired Pneumonia, Dr. Artin Mahmoudi, Department Chair of Pulmonology and Critical Care, Beijing United Hospital
  • Vaginitis, Dr. Marie Shieh, Family Medicine, Beijing United Family Hospital

Sunday October 24

  • Management of Acute and Chronic Renal Failure, Dr. Saeid Aflatooni, Nephrology, Beijing United Hospital
  • Attention Deficit and Hyperactivity disorder (repeat), Dr. Tyrone Bristol, Pediatrics, Shanghai United Hospital Chief Medical Officer
  • Approach to Shoulder Problems, Dr. Gail Grey, Family Medicine, Canada

Course Fee Options (all include printed slides)

  • 1800rmb for all three days, include double occupancy room and three meals
  • 200rmb per day, lecture only
  • Local Chinese students, educators, and health care providers in underserved areas may attend for 50rmb for 3 days. Proof of status required.

Location: Yurt Conference Room, Beijing United Family Hospital
#2 Jiangtai Lu, Chaoyang District
Beijing 100016 PR China
中国北京朝阳区将台路2号 100016
Tel./电话: +86(10) 5927 7000

Registration contact: Ms Angela Xiong +86-136-1138-1717
E-mail:[email protected] (preferred method)



北京和睦家医院定于2010年10月22-24在北京举办 “全科医疗训班”.课程由全科与家庭科医师与有全科理念的专家授课,国外导师来自于美国,加拿大和英国。参会者还有难得机会参观北京和睦家与观察和睦家门诊临床操作。

10月22 神经科与关节体检 (操作),
10月23 情感障碍,注意力缺陷多动症 ,社区肺炎处理,阴道炎处理,
10月24 (英文讲课,放灯片中文对照):肾患者疾病与慢性处理,注意力缺陷多动症(重复), 肩膀问题诊断与处理

内容 收费(¥)备注
全科技能培训班  1800/3天:包括三晚双人间住宿与三餐, 9月30日之前交费优惠100元
 200/一天:不需住宿与晚餐,9月30日之前交费优惠50元
 50/3天:医学院学生,教师及偏远地区与乡镇学员(凭证)9月30日之前交费优惠10元

会议登记请联络 熊小姐 QAS部门 北京和睦家医院 北京市朝阳区 将台路2号 100016
136-1138-1717;E-mail:[email protected]

中国北京朝阳区将台路2号 100016
电话: +86(10) 5927 7000

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