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Scan in for my Wechat account

Much of our internet world has changed since I started my blog over five years ago (!). The blog still continues to grow in popularity — but almost half of my readers now read it on their smart phone or other mobile device. Mobile isn’t just the future — it’s right now, especially here in China. I’ve also loved the interaction on my Sina Weibo microblog, but clearly that has dramatically dropped in usefulness over the past 12 months — definitely because of the new social media king of China, Wechat (Wexin, 微信). So I finally navigated their Chinese registration platform, and with the magic of Google Chrome translation I am now publishing on a new public account, in both Chinese and English, called MyHealthBeijing. To sign up and follow my account, just use your smart phone to scan in my QR code here. Welcome!

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  1. I read many of your articles for protection outside and indoors. Wondering whether these guidelines are appropriate for someone with heard desease, if not what should they be?

    1. Anyone with heart disease should take air pollution much more seriously than a younger, healthy person. Air pollution is a major risk factor for heart attacks, so it’s important that people with heart disease take protection from pollution…

    1. I personally like the valves as it helps keep the sweating down inside the mask. And they work just as effectively.

  2. Hi Richard,
    I’m an American PhD candidate in cross-cultural psychology at Zhejiang University doing research on acculturative stress, coping and overall adjustment of expats and exchange students in China. I believe, I some interesting findings from my longitudinal study that may be complement some of your blog posts on healthy living. Healthy minds and healthy bodies definitely go hand-in-hand. Is there a way to email you privately?

    Thanks for all the wonderful information you’ve provided foreigners and Chinese people. I will definitely promote your work.

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