Do You Know "The 3 Fives" of Healthy Choices?

HB3RFF6NWYUE The World Health Organization websites have a treasure trove of information, but sometimes it’s hard to dig through it all. So here’s a good campaign you may have missed: Before the Olympics, the WHO Department of Food Safety teamed up with China’s Ministry of Health and Beijing’s Food Safety Administration to create a series of public wellness articles on a them of “healthy choices, healthy life”. It’s called The 3 Fives, and involves  five keys to safer food, healthy diet, and appropriate physical activity. Here’s the synopsis:

Five Keys to Safer Food:

  1. Keep clean
  2. Separate raw and cooked
  3. Cook thoroughly
  4. Keep food at safe temperatures
  5. Use safe water and raw materials


You can find nice bilingual english/chinese PDFs on five keys to safer food, as well as many other documents from the WHO. The WHO site also has bilingual documents on the 3 Fives program, including nice PDFs that may be useful for your ayi or Chinese friends and family.

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