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Dirty Water, and a "Nasal Cleaning" Weather Index: Listen to This Week's Podcast

As I mentioned last week, I am now a weekly contributor on EZFM’s Beijing Hour, which is broadcast on 91.5FM from 7-8am every weekday by host Paul James. Paul and his excellent team have given me five minutes each week to discuss that day’s top health headlines in the Chinese newspapers. EZFM is the popular bilingual radio station on the CRI Radio network, broadcasting here in Beijing and on multiple stations all over the world, as well as live online here.

In this week’s podcast, we discuss a China Daily article which examines the worrisome state of China’s bottled water industry, as well as a Shanghai Daily report discussing the Shanghai Meteorological Center’s new daily “index of nasal cleansing”, depending on pollution levels. Click here or on the arrow below to listen:




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