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Another Hepatitis Outbreak in China

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China has had their share of scary hepatitis outbreaks, and now in southern China there’s a new outbreak of hepatitis C, with dozens infected, including many children. The exact culprit is still a bit uncertain but seems to be traced back to a local clinic. It’s possible that this clinic had been reusing needles, which unfortunately is not uncommon in smaller, rural clinics all over the world. I discuss this sad story on the December 14th radio show on the Beijing Hour; you can listen by clicking on the links above. What’s the moral of this sad tale? I’m not sure yet, but it does remind me that patient safety and hospital cleanliness is a huge concern that we should not take for granted. Especially in smaller clinics all over the world, if you don’t see the nurse or doctor using a fresh out-of-a-package needle for blood draws and injections, then you should demand a new needle. And if they refuse or get angry, then walk away.

We also discuss the amazingly open debate recently among the Chinese press regarding air pollution and PM2.5. It’s especially remarkable that a governmental official mentioned how Beijing’s air wasn’t up to standard — and somehow that was a surprising news flash to many people! I wish I was surprised…

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